OnePlus Buds Z TWS Earphones Tipped to Feature 10mm Drivers, Qualcomm Quick Pair Technology

OnePlus Buds Z TWS Earphones Tipped to Feature 10mm Drivers, Qualcomm Quick Pair Technology

OnePlus Buds Z TWS Earphones Tipped to Feature 10mm Drivers, Qualcomm Quick Pair Technology

OnePlus Buds Z wireless specifications (expected)
According to a tweet by known tipster Mukul Sharma, the upcoming wireless earphones from OnePlus will be called the OnePlus Buds Z. They will feature 10mm drivers and 3D stereo audio powered by Dolby Atmos. These are said to offer 20 hours of playback on a single charge and come with fast charging support that will give three hours of playback with a 10-minute charge. The OnePlus Buds Z are said to support Qualcomm Quick Pair technology and have Bluetooth 5.0.

The tipster also shared that there may be a special edition variant of the OnePlus Buds Z, designed by Californian artist Steven Harrington, launching alongside the regular one.

Last week, renders and some specifications of the OnePlus Buds Z were shared by another known tipster Ishan Agarwal. The earphones are said to sport silicone ear tips. The charging case could be slightly slimmer than the one that comes with the OnePlus Buds, and could fit the OnePlus Buds Z earphones sideways. They are expected to be offered in black, grey, and white colour options.

Agarwal claimed that the charging case will give the earphones an additional 15 hours of playtime. He also tipped that the earphones will come with dual microphones and weigh 4.35 grams each.

The OnePlus Buds Z will be unveiled alongside the OnePlus 8T at the virtual event starting 7:30pm today. It will be streamed on OnePlus World and YouTube.

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