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3 major election to watch

ORLANDO — We are finally here. The final lap of this extraordinary election. And yes, it could be a long lap. The first polls are starting to close, but it remains far from certain when we’ll learn the outcome of the race.

It’s not finishing in the way anyone might have expected when we boarded this crazy ride on Dec. 31, 2018 — the day Senator Elizabeth Warren became the first candidate to announce her exploratory committee. (Who remembers? We do!)

There are plenty of places in Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida to watch as the early returns roll in. Here are some I’ll be keeping an eye on:

Indiana’s Fifth Congressional District: This Indianapolis-area district is historically Republican, but like many suburban areas is trending blue. Over the past month, the House race here to replace a retiring Republican congresswoman has moved toward the Democratic candidate. If Democrats pick up the seat, it’s a good sign for their performance in suburbs across the country — in congressional races and in the presidential race.

Polls have already started to close in the district, and many Indiana counties expect to report full results tonight. So this is a smart place to watch for early clues about the national mood.

Florida, Florida, Florida: You all already know how much I love this kooky swing state. Voting locations in this queen of all the battlegrounds close relatively early in the evening, and early voting and mail ballot results are expected between 8 and 8:30 p.m. Eastern time.

The obvious county to watch is Miami-Dade, the state’s biggest. Democrats are worried about turnout and support from Black and Latino voters there. Also keep your eyes on Sumter County, the home of everyone’s favorite political reporting cliché: the Villages, where about 120,000 mostly retired people live. If there are indications that the traditionally Republican Midwestern transplants are going blue, that’s a good signal for Democrats in Florida and by extension the Rust Belt.

Lake County, Ohio: Even though Joe Biden added a last-minute stop in Cleveland on Monday, few Democrats expect him to win Ohio, which has been trending Republican in recent cycles. But Lake County could still give us a sense of where the suburbs are going.

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